Get The Look Of These Beautifully Styled Shelves

Get the look of these beautiful open shelves

I’m so excited to share this get the look post with you guys! Not only did these built in shelves win the Instagram vote by a landslide, but these were really fun to pull together too. I might be a little biased, but I think my interpretation looks great… I might be pulling this look together for my own shelves!

The Breakdown

Tip #1 – Keep your shelves visually weighted. This can be tricky at first but if you can keep them equal throughout as well as keeping the “bulky items” like baskets and other bulk at the bottom, you’re bound to have aesthetically pleasing shelves.

donde comprar viagra sin receta en estados unidos Tip #2 – Mix Layering and Stacking methods. Layering is key to create depth in your shelves, so they don’t look flat and one dimensional. Stacking is key to create height and to keep your eye flowing vertically between shelves.

Tip #3 – Stick to a color scheme or general theme for shopping and styling your shelves. Make sure it’s cohesive. Layer whites and neutrals, or stick with pinks or pastels… whatever you choose!

The Look

Get the Look Board- Layering Shelves

Inspiration image from Craftberry Bush

MIXING NEUTRALS – I love the mixture of neutrals in this look, with the driftwood, basket, and the different vases and boxes… it’s a great combination that’s not too overwhelming. I kept the basket and used this grapewood branch on the top shelf. And I added in a raw ceramic vase for an additional neutral texture.

LAYERING – Layering items like vases and artwork creates depth within shelf styling. I love the look that you get from styling white on white in this layered shelf.

STACKING – Stacking objects like coffee table books and mugs or vases help build up the items on the shelf and create height. A combination of layering and stacking within a shelf really creates the entire look.

STORAGE – I’m sure we all know that not all things can be pretty and practical at the same time. For this, I love baskets. I have so many baskets around my place for this exact reason.. whether you need to hide some cords, an internet modem, or even just hold a few things that you have lying around. Just be sure to keep the baskets on the bottom shelf for easy access and to keep your shelves weighted properly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this ¬†built in shelf look. Let me know if this is the look you voted for on Instagram too, or what you might want to see next.

xo, Emma

Shop The Look

Snake Plant | Gold Cube | Pink Mug | Grapewood Branch


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