Friday Five Vol 4

Start your Friday with me and read about five things I’m working on currently.

ONE | I’ll be doing a lot of sewing this weekend. Working on the pillow shop and a few things, be sure to follow along with the Shop’s Instagram to see some behind the scenes.

TWO | Speaking of sewing, I’ve been working on getting my desk area situated and I love this sewing room/studio set-up. I has been so hard trying to find the happy medium between my sewing equipment and a pretty, clean cut desk space.

THREE | How pretty is this drink? I’ve been working on some spring drink posts lately and I can’t wait to mix and make some drinks to test out in my favorite glasses.

FOUR | I’m working on pulling some new looks for the next get the look post.. I’m thinking entryways and home office next but can’t decide. What do you think?

FIVE | I read this post today on the best home/kitchen items from the big Macy’s sale today and it’s got me thinking about wedding season – registries, gifts, engagement parties and all of the home items to buy and include in registries. What do you think, would you like to see a few wedding themed posts this year? Raise your hand if you’ve got a few weddings this year and you need all the help with gifts.

xo, Emma

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