Friday Five Vol 2

Grab a coffee and join me for this week’s volume of Friday Five!

ONE | A Plant Basket must have from Amazon

TWO | This 23andMe Review by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere did a full blown breakdown of her experience with 23andMe and I’m amazed by her results. I’ve never really had a desire to take one of these tests until reading this post. It was so intriguing to see how much detail these tests can actually show. This post is a must read!

THREE | A picture I shared of my bookshelf books.

I shared a picture of my bookshelf this weekend and a few of my prized coffee table books and its been making me want to do a coffee table book recap on the blog soon. Does this interest you?

FOUR | These new curtains I finally decided on for my living room.

FIVE | I added a new shopping page for all of my Amazon favorites to the blog.

Let’s be real… we all love Amazon. If you don’t have Amazon prime you’re really missing out because I legit have at least five things in my cart at all times. I’m always shopping and browsing Amazon items, and I get a lot of my home decor and miscellaneous items through prime so I decided to add a page to my blog where you can shop my Amazon favorites.

xo, Emma

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