I’m Moving!

Moving Announcement

I’ve been waiting to share some big news for a few weeks now and I’m so excited to finally say it here on the blog! I’m moving!! I’m not leaving Charlotte, don’t worry. My roommate and I are moving into a new apartment…. down the street. Kinda crazy right? If you’re reading this from Charlotte right now I’m sure you already know how ridiculous the housing and rental market is right now in the city. It’s all a numbers game and we ended up getting a really good deal on a brand new apartment that we just couldn’t pass up!

What does that mean for the blog? Well, that basically means that I’ll have a ton of brand new content to share on here! I’m super excited too because I’ve already started going through my apartment and I’m so excited to kind of start over with designing and decorating our new place. My roommate is amazing and she let’s me do just about whatever I want with the place – and you can bet that I’ve already got the whole thing planned out! So today I’m sharing a little peek into what I’m planning.


First thing’s first – I’m getting a new sofa. I can’t even contain my excitement with this because while my Craigslist find is SUPER comfy and the best napping couch around… it has got to go. I’ve been trying to decide on light or dark gray for a few weeks now but I think I have made up my mind. What do you think?



I’ve also been trying to think practically for our new apartment. We are downsizing a little bit so we’re going minimal with design, but we also want everything to have function and purpose. The stools will definitely be more comfortable than our last ones, and of course I’m keeping my gold bar cart!

What do you think of the overall look? Do you like the minimal/ mid century look I have in mind? I also want to hear from you – What kind of moving/new apartment posts do you want to see here on the blog? Let me know in the comments below.

xo, Emma

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