How to Guide: Layering Rugs

Tips for Layering Rugs

I’m finally getting back on track with sharing my how-to guides here on the blog. Today’s focus is all about rugs, but mainly the biggest trend in rugs right now – layering rugs. I’m sure you’ve seen it done before. Let’s walk through the three main ways to layer rugs and how to shop for the best rugs to layer for your home.

Layering Rugs - Cowhide Layering Rugs - Faux Fur Layering Rugs - Small Size

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Here’s a little how-to diagram on selecting the best rugs for layering in your home. You can pin this diagram to Pinterest to save it for later too!

Layering Rugs - How To Shop

xx, Emma

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Jute Rug | Cowhide | Faux Fur | Pink Rug | White and Gray Rug | White Shag Rug | Aztec Rug

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