Tips for Styling Decor in a Group

Bedroom reveal details

If you’re anything like me, then you love little decor and details. I like to call them trinkets. I’m all about styling my decor in groups too. When in doubt, always use the rule of three – three items creates a great grouping of decor. But I LOVE grouping decor together into clusters, 3, 5, even 6 items.. whatever looks best. Today I’m sharing a few tips on how to style decor in a group.

First things first, never have items at the same height. When you’re styling in a group always make sure that everything is at a different height that way it looks aesthetically pleasing and your eyes move around smoothly. As long as you follow that one rule, you should be golden.

Photos 1&2 by Paige Winn Photo // Photo 3 by Elli McGuire Photography

xx, Emma

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