How to Guide: 10 Must Have Bar Cart Essentials

How to Guide to Bar Cart Essentials

Have you ever thought to yourself that bar carts are so cute, but questioned if they’re ever really functional? If i’m being honest, it’s definitely crossed my mind but I’ve figured it out. I’m super excited for today’s How to Guide… helping you narrow down all the essentials you need for the perfect bar cart set up.

Bar Cart Essentials Bar Cart Essentials

Photos by Paige Winn Photo

I’ve figured out the top 10 must have bar cart essentials in order to make sure that your bar cart is fully functional and always stocked and ready to go. Breaking them down into three main categories, you can decide if some items are more important than others for your entertaining purposes – or you could always start with one category and buy more items as you go.

Cocktail Essentials Wine Essentials Bar Cart Accessories

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xx, Emma

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