An Easy Valentines Day Drink Idea

Valentines Day Drink

Valentines Day is right around the corner. What I love most about Valentines day is not about the sappy cards, candy or even the romantic date nights that people get to enjoy with their significant other.. cause let’s be real, if you’re dating someone you can do that just about any night right? I’m not trying to sound cynical at all, promise! I love that Valentines day has turned into a day to celebrate with the people you love, not just your S.O.

Me? I’ll spending it with my favorite single ladies popping bottles of champagne for brunch on Saturday!

Which is why I’m sharing a cute little idea to switch up your traditional brunch time mimosas for Valentines Day! You know when it comes to DIY’s, I’m all about the projects that are easy for you to do yourself and this is no different! It’s literally only 2 steps and you’re ready to drink!

Valentines Day Drink Valentines Day Drink

Step 1: Using an ice cube tray, pour in your favorite juice and freeze. I used red colored juice for Valentines Day… Strawberry Pomegranate if we’re getting specific!

Valentines Day Drink Valentines Day Drink

Step 2: Fill your glasses with the ice cubes and pour your champagne over the ice! Your ice will begin to melt and change the color of the champagne!

Valentines Day Drink

Photos by Paige Winn Photo

xx Emma

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