Friday Favorites Vol 11

Friday Favorites Vol 11

Today’s round up of Friday Favorites is geared towards anyone who loves color – I’m looking at you. The colored sofa is such a difficult challenge to take on, but it’s so rewarding once you’ve figured it out. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite colored sofas that I’ve come across and trust me, you don’t want to miss these.

In my personal opinion, the colored sofa can be one of two things… an inheritance, or a choice. Whatever way you might have happened upon or found yourself with a colored sofa, you’ve got this! There’s so many ways to make a colorful furniture piece like a sofa work in a room – mixing and matching, wood tones and metallics, black and whites, and even additional pops of colors. It’s all possible. Go with your gut and when in doubt, Pinterest it out for some inspiration or ideas.

Fun Fact: ‘sofa’ is the formal name for a ‘couch’ these can obviously be used interchangeably but with my design background, it’s been ingrained in my head to always use the proper term.

Friday Favorites Vol 11

  1. The Green Sofa – I love the airy-ness of this living room. The colored rug and green sofa anchor the furniture to the ground & keep the wall space clean and crisp.
  2. The Dusty Blue Sofa – The eclectic, aztec style is definitely on trend and I’m loving this dusty blue sofa paired with muted warm colors like reds, pinks, and oranges. {room makeover}
  3. The Hot Pink Sofa – This girly chic room is so well put together with pops of pink in each aspect of the space. Between the framed art, and the throw pillows it’s a perfect look.
  4. The Royal Blue Sofa – This sofa definitely brings a bold pop of color to any room. Mixing additional muted blue colors will tone it down just enough to tie the look together. {home tour}
  5. The Teal Sofa – A little more of a traditional look. With the added touches of gold, this look is simple and easy to achieve on your own!
  6. The Turquoise Sofa – This eclectic look combines multiple pops of color and metallic accents to bring the look together.
  7. The Orange Sofa – The orange is a little out of the box for me personally, but I love this mid century modern look with the geometric wood shelf boxes. {DIY included}
  8. The Pastel Pink Sofa – This pastel pink sofa is a little more subtle to incorporate than the previous, hot pink sofa.. This sofa is beautifully paired with black and white accents.
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