Friday Favorites Vol 9

Friday Favorites Vol 9

I know I always talk about neutrals this and neutrals that – and I know that by now everyone knows I’m obsessed with a good neutral or white palette for the home. I just can’t help myself! I hope that I’m not becoming a bore with all these shades of white but there’s no denying that a crisp, clean room full of whites looks great. Am I convincing you yet? Today’s Friday Favorites are some of the best neutrals I’ve come across in a while now. Click through to check them out!

Friday Favorites Vol 9

  1. White on white on white – with this over the door open shelving, you don’t need color as long as you can style those shelves.
  2. I love this layered white look – the walls, the chair, and that oversized framed art print create so much depth!
  3. Mixing woods with all whites creates a great neutral palette – all white chairs at a wooden table? yes please!
  4. This white bathroom also creates a lot of depth – especially with the addition of the dramatic farmhouse vessel sink sitting on the counter.
  5. This bathroom though – can we talk about how luxurious this bathroom looks? I love the white on white with pops of neutral patterns… that floor is beautiful!
  6. This dining room is white with a dramatic touch – gold and wooden accents are perfect to create a monotone look in this dining room.
  7. Another perfectly white bathroom – bringing in gold touches and pops of black really make the rest of the whites so crisp.
  8. And a perfectly white entry way – that mixes metals and leather to create a vibrant neutral palette.

Have you hopped on board the neutral bandwagon yet?

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