The Easiest Black & White DIY

I knew moving into my new apartment that I wanted an all white bedroom. Yes, you heard that right – all white. I wanted to achieve the ultimate light and airy look, almost as if it were my little oasis. And while it’s taken me a lot longer than I wanted, my bedroom is almost complete! The worst part about being an interior designer is not only the indecisiveness that comes with liking mostly everything, but that your own home always becomes the last project on your list. Amongst my long list of DIY’s I’ve been working on, I finally sat down for this one and it’s one of the easiest I’ve ever done! Grab your paint brushes and click through to see how it turned out.

When I first saw this fall home tour by Dwellings by Devore I pinned it immediately & knew that I needed the black and white circles canvas one way or another. After taking a closer look, I figured it was worth a try to tackle as a DIY and let me tell you… It was so easy! I encourage everyone to grab some paint brushes and give it a shot because you cannot go wrong. Here’s how to:

  1. Using a circular object and a pencil (I used the top of a candle tin) trace circles in a central cluster over the two canvas’s – leaving some on the outside incomplete.
  2. Next, take a thin sized paint brush and some black paint (or any color you choose) and trace the circles – no need to be a perfectionist here. Trust me!
  3. Hang your paintings once they’re dry and there you go! Super easy!

black and white diy easy diy for a neutral room easy diy for a neutral room easy diy for a neutral roomdiy for a neutral room black and white circle DIYeasy diy black and white

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