Room Redo: All White Living Room

room redo white living room

I’m so excited to be sharing this second room redo with you today. Last week I posted the first room redo, sharing my modern twist on a rustic bedroom that I actually plan on doing in my own master bedroom. My hope with these room redo posts as I share more and more of them, is that you’ll get inspired or find something that you want to use in your own home or apartment! Today’s room redo is all about tackling the all white living room.

White is a color that everyone loves to hate. I’ve talked a lot about how much I love neutrals – my personal style is basically all neutrals with very small pops of color. An all white and neutral room is my happy place… weird, I know. Well, today I’m sharing my take on this beautiful white living room. I’ve added a few more neutral friendly off-whites and beige colors because let’s be real, not everyone wants to keep a bucket of bleach on hand at all times.

My top 3 tips to create this look are:

  1. Adding color through greenery.
  2. Pulling in faint pops of color with abstract art instead of furniture. (I’m loving these abstracts from Britt Bass)
  3. Mixing textures with textiles like rugs, poufs, and pillows.

room redo white living room

room inspiration via the everygirl

sofa // rug // coffee table // shelving // pouf // art // plant

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