Winter White Napkin DIY for Christmas

how to winter white christmas napkins

Can you believe Christmas is this week? It’s creeping up on us and it will be Friday before you know it. Christmas isn’t just about the gifts and opening presents, it’s about so much more and for me, it’s about spending time with family and my closest loved ones. The best memories are made when we’re together and during the holidays, we’re usually at the dinner table eating a huge meal! Today, I’m sharing a winter white napkin DIY for setting the table and creating a quick and easy last minute DIY!

This DIY is so easy and there’s not much you need to create them yourself! I got most of my items at Ikea when I was there grabbing a few items but you can definitely find these things at places like target or your local craft store!  What you need:

  1. White cloth napkins (shop them here)
  2. Twine (mine is here)
  3. Mini ornaments (shop here, here, and here)
  4. Scissors

how to winter white christmas napkins

fresh ginseng online Step 1: Gather all the pieces you need. Once you start rolling the napkins, having everything close by will be very convenient…. You’ll thank me later!

phexin 250 mg tablet price Step 2: Pinch your napkin about 2-3″ down from the top edge and fold it underneath. If your napkins are larger in size, you might be able to fold them in half.

ròtisserie dutas online Step 3: Flatten the creases out your folded napkin so when you roll it it doesn’t have any wrinkles and looks neat.

Step 4: Flip your napkin over and start rolling it with the folded side inside of the rolled napkin. You should have a nice folded edge at the top, and the decorative edge of the napkin at the bottom.

Step 5: It’s time to cut your twine! Use the 2x length of your rolled napkin (from top to bottom) to measure out the size of your twine. Once you’ve cut your twine, place the rolled napkin on top of the center part of the twine.

Step 6: Before you tie your twine in a bow, string two mini ornaments onto the twine so when you tie it together they create a cute little cluster!

That’s it, how simple was that!? You’ll have a pretty white tabletop for Christmas dinner in no-time!

how to winter white christmas napkins how to winter white christmas napkins how to winter white christmas napkins how to winter white christmas napkins

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