Currently Loving: Bathroom Decor

currently loving bathroom decor

I know it’s Thursday and it technically defeats the purpose to post a “Wish List Wednesday” style post, but I think you’re going to let it slide once you see these must have bathroom decor items I’ve been swooning over. It’s very easy to neglect your bathroom and the decor or style that goes into it because you’re focused on other spaces in your home or apartment. Think about how often the bathroom gets used daily. Do your guests see it when they come over? Yes. Even if you’re just running into the bathroom quickly to check your makeup or hair right before you head out for a date or drinks with the girls – going to extra mile to make sure your bathroom also has some style to it counts!

currently loving bathroom decor

Look at how cute this bathroom looks with just the addition a candle holder and this adorable bathmat! Adding little decor items that are useful, functional, and have some style is they way to go. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite items that can double as a storage piece or have a purpose but also are full of style. Cause let’s be real ladies, sometimes we aren’t fortunate enough to have the Taj Mahal for a bathroom & space is lacking.. am I right?

currently loving bathroom decor

3 Drawer Glass Box – For all of you makeup hoarders who want a little organization in your life. Keep your makeup in these drawers – It takes up some counter space but will beat having to dig through all those bags or drawers that you’re working out of currently.

Animal Wall Planters – These are meant to be used for plants and hanging them in a creative way… Personally, I don’t have a green thumb but these are so adorable that I would hang them on my wall to hold my makeup brushes. A great space saving idea for those of you with minimal counter space.

‘You Look Good’ Bath Mat – This bathmat would be so welcoming and friendly to have in any bathroom. A little confidence boost every morning!

Striped Jewelry Box – This box is the perfect option for keeping those nicer jewelry pieces in a safe spot! Place this box on a shelf or the back of your toilet for a cute storage solution.

Jute Basket – There’s nothing less appealing than seeing a pile of toilet paper on the floor or hidden under a cabinet that you can’t find or get to when you run out and need to restock. This basket would be the perfect storage solution for those loose rolls of toilet paper.

Lipstick Holder – This brass lipstick holder is so vintage chic it’ll make you feel like your bathroom is your own personal dressing room. I love this piece for displaying all of your favorite lipsticks!

Illume Candle – Cause who doesn’t love a good smelling candle. There’s a ton of scents but my favorite is the Whipped Cream & Pear!

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