Interiors I’m Loving Lately

Interiors I'm loving

Happy Friday! I took a little break from my excessive use of pinterest for a while due to being busy at work but this week I got back to it and boy did I miss pinterest. So, in good fashion of my friday favorite posts, I’ve rounded up my favorite interiors I’ve been loving lately.

Interiors I'm loving

1. Pattern Mixed Eating Area – I’m all about a good white background these days. But I’m also all about this pattern mixed and bold color eating area. And have I mentioned my love for a good gallery wall? Yes. Please. {via Glitter Guide}

2. Non-Traditional Bar Cart – Don’t know if you want to bite the bullet and buy a bar cart yet? Try it out with a thrifted dresser or table and some trays to organize your bottles and bar tools. {via My Fabuless Life}

3. Beautiful Master Bedroom – I LOVE this contrasting black and white look of this master bedroom. The neutral colors are minimal but pop, and the whole look is very pulled together. Can I just import this entire interior to my new apartment? {via Cuckoo4Design}

4. Boho Home Office – Not only do I love this home office space with the crisp whites and blues, but I’ve had my eye on one of these Eames chairs for a while now.. I’m just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger and buy it! {via Chy Parker}

5. DIY Abstract Art – I smell another DIY coming to the blog soon! I’m obsessed with this oversized abstract art. It looks so chic and easy to do! {via Vintage Revivals}

6. Patterned Rug – This patterned rug is beautiful, it’s that simple. I love the idea of a busy and bright patterned rug in a stark white room or apartment. {via The Chronicles of Home}

What interiors are you loving lately?

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