Defined Designs Turns Two!

Defined Designs turns 2 years old

Earlier this week, I posted on Instagram that someone or more like something is having a birthday this week! I’m sure by the picture, that most of you know that I’m not the one turning two years old. But if you can’t tell by now, Defined Designs turns two today! I’m also so happy to announce some exciting news and see what’s in store for the future of this tiny little blog.

Defined Designs turns 2 years old

Defined Designs turns 2 years old

Wow – this tiny little blog has turned into more than I could ever imagine in the past two years. I get a lot of people who ask me why I started blogging. My answer is as real as it gets. After graduating college with my design degree and a job in the student housing industry, I wanted a place where I could build a portfolio, and journal about keeping up with design trends. I wanted to keep myself in “the know” while I worked my way up the ladder of the interior design world and made a name for myself. Little did I know, I was beginning to make a name for myself right here.

Another side to why I chose a blog specifically, and not just keeping a paper portfolio had a lot to do with my college friends, family, and sorority sisters. Graduation moved us all over the map and I found myself helping my friends with everything from sharing my favorite stores for bedding, to designing a nursery for the cutest little bundle of joy. {Hey Mack!} I’ve absolutely loved having my friends & family be so supportive of me on this blogging journey. Not only to use as my guinea pigs and for content here on Defined Designs, but also backing me and pushing me further along the way. I never imagined that the blogging world would be so fun & have so many opportunities. While it may be consuming at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Which brings me to a little announcement… as some may know, I’m a very hands on and creative person. My creative itch has taken me this far, so I figured why not go for it and see where else it will take me. I’m working on starting a pillow line under the Defined Designs name coming soon! Stay tuned for more details on the pillows, (maybe some art??) & many more years of Defined Designs to come!!! Thank you for joining me for the journey!

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    Chesson Parker

    Happy 2 years of blogging! 🙂

      Emma Newell

      Thank you Chesson!! It’s gone by so fast! xo

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