5 Tips for Moving: Buying Furniture & Home Decor

5 Tips for Moving: buying furniture & home decor

Moving is a big deal. It takes a lot of not only time and effort, but organization, planning and preparing to have a successful move. I’ll soon be in the midst of my 3rd move since I’ve been in Charlotte and boy it’s exhausting every time! {both physically & mentally} And don’t forget college graduation season is upon us so there’s no better time for me to help ease the stress with my 5 tips for moving and more importantly… buying furniture & home decor!

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert at this whole moving thing… these are simply just some tricks I’ve found useful along the way!

5 Tips for Moving: buying furniture & home decor

1. Coupons – When you change your address with the USPS, they’ll send you a boatload of coupons in the mail. This is not a scam – They really will! My advice, when the screen pops up asking you which stores you shop at, Select. Every. Store. Even if you might not use them, it’s great to have them on hand just in case! 10% off to places like Best Buy, Lowes, Target & West Elm?? YES PLEASE.

2. CraigslistCraigslist should be your new best friend. Whether you’re buying or selling it’s a great resource! The key to conquering a craigslist search without having to sift through all the unnecessary adds & listings that sound like scams? I always like to search through pictures. If there’s pictures, there’s a better chance that it’s real and might even be worth the second look. Hint: click that little “gallery” button at the top once you’ve searched something and BAM, you’re on your way to finding your next budget friendly furniture item! Don’t forget to ask why it’s for sale – the answer always gives a perspective into the item!

3. Amazon – Never underestimate the power of Amazon. If you know you need something – Amazon has it. Hint: Don’t be afraid to search around & keep your eye on those deals that qualify for FREE SHIPPING. If you’re really ready to splurge, get Amazon Prime and you can get free 2 day shipping on everything.

4. Tiger Direct – This one is worthy of a mental note. Moving is a huge expense in itself, but when you start to think about adding electronics to the mix… {no way jose}. In today’s world, we basically live off of electronics so we all know that flat screen TV is a must have for your new living room. But the price tag is never post grad friendly. Check. Out. Tiger. Direct. My dad taught me all about getting a bargain and at this place, you’ll definitely get your moneys worth on electronics! {can we talk about how I got a 40″ flat screen TV for under $250?}

5. Flash Sale Sites – I’m not even going to begin to list off all the flash sale sites there are out there. But there are definitely a few that you have got to keep an eye on if you’re in the market for a deal! I’m sure we all know what a flash sale is but these sites have the 3 day sales mastered {most items could be up to 70% off} Joss & Main & One Kings Lane are definitely my favorites!

Last but not least – I have one personal recommendation when shopping online for anything. Read the reviews!! I’m such a sucker for review-reading, whenever I’m online shopping I always read them before making that big purchase!! Insight from previous purchasers could be your deciding factor on making the splurge for that coffee table or ottoman.

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