Two Toned Kitchens

two toned kitchens and home decor inspiration

One of my favorite spaces in the home is undoubtedly the kitchen. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and living in an apartment, the kitchen is probably the one place that you can’t really personalize and make your own. So, you probably have a dream home Pinterest board… along with that dream wedding board – I know I’m not alone on that one ladies. Today I’m sharing a part of that “dream home” and a part of the kitchen which you might not notice too often. Two toned kitchens.

Now, First things first… I LOVE kitchens. Did you know I worked for a Kitchen & Bath design firm when I was in high school? I learned about everything from cabinetry and countertops to hardware and appliances. Nerdy, I know but I absolutely loved it! I often find myself noticing little things in kitchens and bathrooms that most people probably wouldn’t, like soft close drawers or whether the countertop is granite or marble.

I’ve loved two tone cabinetry for a while now, and since it’s usually one of those details that isn’t usually recognizable at first glance, I figured I’d share some of my favorite two toned kitchens today. Almost always paired with white painted cabinets, the second part of the two tone look can be anything like grey, blue, or even a wood tone. I love when the two options are pulled together with a simple white backsplash and a crisp white countertop to blend the two together. You may also find that two tone cabinets come into play when only the kitchen island is different than the cabinets along the walls.

Let’s see some of my favorite examples:

 two toned kitchen inspirationtwo toned kitchen inspirationtwo toned kitchen inspirationtwo toned kitchen inspirationtwo toned kitchen inspiration

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

What are your thoughts on two toned kitchens?

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