6 Design Details for Your Home

Interior Design Details

Another Friday on the books. Who’s excited for the weekend? Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite things, to be specific – six of them. These 6 design details for your home are a variety of small additions and big renovations, but each and every one add a certain flair and sophistication to the space. As they say, It’s all in the details, right?

 Speaking of details I really want to share these parts of the home because they are usually overlooked and {I think} they deserve a little more attention; the design details. It’s just like when you buy a new car and for the next month all you seem to see on the road is the same car or car brand on the road. {please tell me that’s not just me} Hopefully after reading this you will start to notice these little details wherever you go. And if anyone knows where I can find a gold handrail in Charlotte I can go drool over, let me know! Home renovations or new construction, it doesn’t matter which – these details can be added into a renovation or planned from the beginning. Your choice!

Interior Design Details

1. Patterned Tile – Talk about a spa like atmosphere. This bathroom is serene and simple with the added flair of patterned tile. Not to mention that there’s no need to paint the walls a bright color when you have the beautiful tile. Add a clawfoot tub and I’m in! {via Fabienne Delafraye}

2. Gold Handrails – I’m seriously swooning over these gorgeous gold handrails. Adding these beauties to my wish list for that day I’ll have my own custom built home… A girl can dream, right? {via This is Glamorous}

3. Herringbone Subway Tile – I absolutely love a good subway tile. You just can’t go wrong with choosing it for your home. When I saw Kristin’s kitchen makeover I couldn’t help but drool over every.single.detail. But the decision to use the subway tile in a herringbone pattern. Can I get an amen?? {via The Hunted Interior}

4. Stamped Concrete – This detail might not be the easiest to incorporate into your home but don’t you just love it!? This would be great to add to your front porch walkway, backyard by a garden, or even in the entrance to a retail boutique! {via 79 Ideas}

5. Decorative Bathroom Sink – Choosing a decorative sink for your master bathroom will add such elegance to the space. This investment piece will make you feel like you’re walking into a hotel spa every morning. {via Lonny}

6. Sliding Barn Doors – This design detail is Rustic Chic at it’s finest. Sliding barn doors are very trendy and popular right now. Adding a detail like this to your home will take it to a whole new level of chic! {via Design Chic}

What’s your favorite design detail? Do you have any of these in your home?

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