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Boho Style & Home Decor

I’m so happy to be back with Jaime from Sunflowers and Stilettos today. We’re bringing back our Style Series posts and joining forces again – with Jaime’s expertise on all things fashion and my expertise on interior design we’re bringing style to both your home & closet!

Boho Style & Home Decor

I’m loving all things tribal, boho, eclectic this season. When Jaime and I started brainstorming to bring back this series I was so excited when we decided to make boho the first post. When it comes to boho interiors I think patterns and color. Pops of bright colors and mixing unusual color pairs such as deep teal and rich red tones are great, easy ways to get started creating a boho space. But with my well-known love for white and neutrals, I’ve found my favorite happy mediums that don’t skimp out on boho. It looks like Jaime and I think alike too – Her neutral boho outfit has a great pop of color and her gold accessories complete the look!

The trick: Keeping a neutral background and adding pops of color and thrifted decor with patterns will bring a transitional boho look to any space. This is the perfect opportunity to mix wood tones with a variety of metal finishes. Vintage trunks are a great thrifting find {check out #4!}

Boho Style Series Boho Style Series Boho Style Series Boho Style Series

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Check out Jaime’s boho look below & head over to Sunflowers & Stilettos to see her entire post here! I’m loving everything about her look including the gold accessories and fringe detail. The weather getting warmer and Spring being in full swing also means it’s time to get out those kimonos!

We’re planning to keep up our Style Series posts twice a month so if you have any suggestions or anything you want to see from us in the future – be sure to leave a comment below or contact me at {}

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